About Sagaciti

We started Sagaciti (“Suh-gass-i-tee”) as a small, specialist consultancy to help businesses and organisations succeed. We pride ourselves on being different by having a clear focus on our clients and what actually works for them.

We built Sagaciti on our personal integrity, experience, and evidence-based knowledge of what works. We like working with people and building good personal relationships.

Our friendly and professional approach gives you a personal service that helps you improve and succeed. It’s important to us that you can trust us and rely on our support.

We have a unique blend of commercial and public sector experience over many years including:

We used our experience to develop our innovative Sagaciti Insight Software™, to deliver outcomes including increasing clients for a national retailer, improving staff engagement, and helping multiple agencies to work effectively together to manage & reduce risk.

We think our approach makes us unique and we are proud of being different.

About Us