Launched by Dave Hayler and Andy Williams, Sagaciti (“Suh-gass-i-tee”) is a small, intimate, client-focused consultancy built on our personal integrity, experience and evidence-based knowledge of what works.
We build personal, productive relationships with clients through our friendly, engaging, open and honest approach, ensuring you get a personal service because it’s us who turn up and work with you. We understand why an organisation’s customers, service-users and its people are critical, which is why, in short, achieving your outcomes is as important to us as it is to you. 
We bring a unique blend of 70+ years Commercial and Public Sector experience.  Having personally managed successful change programmes, provided strategic & tactical leadership and created evidence-based policy, we pooled our considerable experience to create our original Sagaciti Toolkit™ which we used as a springboard to develop our new, innovative Sagaciti Insight Software™.  Its use in different arenas has seen outcomes including increasing the number of clients for a national retailer, improving staff engagement, and collaboratively bringing agencies together to improve efficiencies while reducing and managing risk. We can build your capability and effectiveness, helping your organisation improve and become self-sufficient in the skills and tools we provide you. 
We’re determined to provide good value to our clients, and are proud to be different from the others.