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Andy Williams

I am passionate about helping clients improve through the pragmatic application of evidence and leadership. I have 35 years of strategic and tactical leadership experience gained from previous careers that include – RN Submarine Service, Detective Superintendent at Avon and Somerset Constabulary and as Managing Director of Eyton-Williams Consultancy Ltd.

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Dave Hayler

My ability to help clients achieve their desired outcomes and aims is built on the knowledge, capability and understanding I have gained through considerable experience of operating at all levels up to, and including Executive roles.  I have 35 years of management, command and leadership experience gained from previous careers including as a Deck Officer with BP Shipping, an Assistant Chief Constable at Avon & Somerset Constabulary and as Managing Director of Hayler Consultancy and Development Ltd.

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UK Complaint Handling Awards '18

Dave was pleased to be a judge at the UK Complaint Handling Awards 2018. You can see his Judge profile here.

The UK Complaint Handling Awards is the first ever awards programme of its kind in the UK that focuses solely on how businesses manage consumer complaints.

It’s inaugural year was attended by Three UK, Barclays, TNT, Scottish Water, to name just a few businesses, who understand how tactical complaint initiatives can both enhance their reputation and transform their businesses.  Now in its second year, the UK Complaint Handling Awards 2018 is expected to grow significantly, making it a key event for complaint handling professionals across the UK.

To see Dave talking about the awards you can follow the links below:

"What's it like being a judge?"

"Your view on the standard of presentations"

"Advice on preparing your presentation"

"Your view on the judging process"

Society of Evidence Based Policing

Andy and Dave are both Members of the Society Of Evidence Based Policing.

As a member of the Society Andy was the lead author for a peer reviewed academic journal article on multi-agency management of high risk offenders. The article, published by the Oxford Academic Journal of Policing, can be accessed here.

The SEBP is made up of police officers, police staff, and research professionals who want to transform policing through understanding what works.  To visit the SEBP website, please click their logo

Andy at the J-ARC Conference – Dublin


The Genesis Of An Idea

With our significant experiences and having worked closely together in the public and private sectors, we decided to take stock of our achievements to identify how we could best help our clients.

We pooled our experiences and reflected on what works across both the commercial and public sectors. Soon after, our ‘eureka moment’ led us to develop the original Sagaciti Toolkit™ which we used as a springboard to develop our new, innovative Sagaciti insight Software™.

This used a diagnostic structure based on our Sagaciti Assessment Framework™ for reviewing often complex and high-risk businesses, organisations and teams, turning the complexity into evidenced-based areas for improvement. 

Our quest for a tool to help people look across all the elements of what they do and work out how and where they can do it better, led us to build on the foundations of the Toolkit and develop our Sagaciti Insight Software™Our flexible software helps you understand what is happening within your Team, Department, Business or Organisation and how and where you can make improvements.

Having tested the approach in the public and commercial sectors,  we are confident Sagaciti Insight Software™ will provide opportunities for organisations to:

  • Improve effectiveness, customer focus, and quality;
  • Help organisations grow and prosper;
  • Increase profitability - through increased customer engagement;
  • Increase staff and people engagement - by aligning working practices to the organisations’ purpose; and,
  • Help organisations better manage risk - including improved management of reputation, high-value customer risk and public safety risks.

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