Case Studies

Re-design & Implement New Operating Model
Review & Design New Call Handling Operating Model
Sagaciti Assessment Framework™ Review for Large UK Retailer
Collaboration of Specialist Tactics for 5 Organisations
Process Evaluation of Multi-Agency Integrated Offender Management

Redesign and Implementation of New Operating Model:

Provided support to a large public sector organisation (over 6000 staff) in the South West helping to re-design and implement a New Operating Model, delivering facilitation support for ‘Ways of Working’ events, which had been identified as potentially challenging by the organisation. Additionally, guided and supported developing new process maps across all elements of the New Operating Model, identifying risks and mitigation as appropriate. Outcomes included – improved Operating Model, increased staff engagement and improved management of risks.

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New Operating Model
Redesign Call Handling Centre

Review & Improvement of Public Call Handling and Emergency Calls for Service:

Provided support in re-designing a public sector (police) communications suite which handled all emergency and non-emergency telephony and Command and Control functions (population size 500,000 residents); the suite was facing into considerable strategic, performance and cultural challenges. Worked alongside a 10-person project team to increase their capability, developing a co-created evidence-based AS-IS (current state). Guided the organisation to reconsider and redesign a public ‘First Point of Contact’ operation, by adopting a holistic, integrated approach. Introduced the concept of a Public Service Promise as a critical enabler. Considered, developed and designed all aspects of People, Process, Systems, Infrastructure and Culture (including a review of existing ‘Excellence’ in the field), co-creating a TO-BE (future state) and full business case to deliver improved efficiency, effectiveness, quality and performance. Outcomes included – removal from ‘special measures’ imposed by Government Inspectorate, re-focus, buy-in and recognition by staff of organisational purpose, improved culture and capability.

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Diagnostic Review of Customer Care for a Large UK Retailer:

Conducted a Diagnostic Review and produced a full Level 1 Diagnostic report with findings, risks and recommendations. This report detailed 55 recommendations, all of which were accepted into the business’s development plan. Prepared a separate Executive Report for the Board; this report identified 6 strategic risks linked to the Company’s declared business strategy, and 9 Operational Improvements to address those strategic risks, and deliver alignment with their Business Strategy. Outcomes included – significant improvement in the responsiveness for customers, potential to increase customer base, 25% uplift in staff engagement, increased confidence and support from the Executive Board resulting in a doubling of the annual budget.

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Sagaciti Toolkit™ Retailer Review

Collaboration of Specialist Tactics Across 5 Organisations:

Helped and supported the production of a business case for joint collaboration across 5 police forces for specialist tactics in order to reduce the budget and to improve efficiency across the region. Proactively engaged with key tactical and strategic stakeholders in order to fully understand the needs, parameters and limitations. Ran focus groups and presented the business case to executives. The business case was successful and implementation soon followed resulting in savings and increased efficiency. Outcomes included – identification of at least 15% budget savings, improved efficiency and effectiveness through the sharing of specialist skills and expertise, 5 organisations were then able to meet the Government Strategic Policing Requirement.

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Process Evaluation of Multi-Agency Integrated Offender Management (IOM) Dublin:

Two-year process evaluation of this high-risk group and the multi-agency partnership arrangements that had been formed to help manage risk within a challenging area of North Dublin. This involved conducting a mixed method evaluation as well as also providing consultancy support in order to help improve the pilot scheme throughout the two-year period. A Year 1 Annual Report was produced in April 2016, with 44 Recommendations. Outcomes included – identification of good practice resulting in 86% support from offenders, and an overall reduction of crime by 23% since the scheme started.

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Integrated Offender Mgmt.

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