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We found working with Sagaciti an incredibly professional and beneficial experience. It prompted us to think and consider our current position. They provided us with a roadmap and a tracker we can use to achieve best practice, which surely was the purpose of the audit.

Sagaciti’s approach was consistent and supportive with a great balance of conscientious professionalism combined with a warm and friendly style, which encouraged openness and honesty.

We aren’t experts in Safeguarding so to have our safeguarding externally audited by an organisation which knows this business inside out is massively beneficial to us. It also spurs on activity and places an active conscience on our shoulders to make an important shift.

Simply stated, Sagaciti were brilliant.

AC, Chief Operating Officer, Bath Rugby

Nominated Safeguarding Lead, Polish Scouting UK

In reviewing our safeguarding readiness, we felt it was important to gain an external opinion. Sagaciti provided a thorough desktop audit of our policies and procedures, conducted discussions with us on the management of safeguarding within our organisation and reviewed our approaches and implementation of safeguarding. Throughout the process Sagaciti staff were very approachable, thorough and took the time to understand the specific structure and nature of our organisation. The resulting report Sagaciti have provided gives us balanced and professional advice to help us strengthen our safeguarding practices. 

I personally am absolutely delighted that we have gone through this process as this outside insight is extremely valuable. Many thanks Sagaciti for all the work around this report, it has already made a difference and it will really help myself and the safeguarding team in our work.

Ballymun Local Drug and Alcohol Task Force (Dublin) has worked with Andy Williams and Dave Hayler of Sagaciti on a multi-agency programme for prolific offenders (STRIVE). This work [over a] number of years focused on different but related aspects of [the] programme.

[We] commissioned an initial evaluation and later a follow-up evaluation, reviewing elements of implementation based on recommendations and providing future areas of consideration for further work. Currently, Sagaciti is working with STRIVE to develop a blueprint to enhance effectiveness of multi-agency operational meetings.

Over the years, our work with Sagaciti has allowed us to continually review, develop further, and fine tune the systems and frameworks in place. This has meant a more consistent and comprehensive analysis to our work and has also allowed for objective, reflective learning and feedback.

Last year, STRIVE received an award from the Confederation of European Probation (CEP award) in the category of Public Protection.
ML, Ballymun Local Drug and Alcohol Task Force

C Head of Customer Services,
Co-operative Retail Group

Dave and Andy were able to identify and make recommendations that connected the Co-op’s purpose, with targets and staff engagement. As a direct result of their work our people are now achieving targets, and are more focussed, engaged and productive. There has been a 25% uplift in staff engagement – key to this has been Dave and Andy’s help to achieve successfully connecting our people to our purpose.

We liked:

  • The well-run IT to allow success of the zoom meeting which was always going to be challenging.
  • Their ability to facilitate and observe whilst allowing the participants to shape the event and ability to change plans as the event progressed when needed.
  • They provided crucial support and advice but recognised the need to allow a GP to lead the event.

NHS GP Lead – PCN Development

Director of Force Development
Hampshire Constabulary

Dave and Andy brought an excellent combination of skills and experience to our organisation, both in terms of their backgrounds in public and private sector working and in their personal attributes, which complement each other. They were highly professional and provided us with high quality written reports and presentations throughout our project. We benefited from honest and candid feedback from them and also in having a critical friend with whom to check thinking. They were engaging and inspiring to work with and their personable style enabled them to get the best out of people. The value they added to our piece of work was exceptional and I do not believe we would have been able to deliver such a high quality standard end product, within the time scales, without them.
I found them to be professional, and had a personal touch which is warming. They are not afraid to challenge, and are robust in their change management methodology and philosophy.

Chief Superintendent, Head of Service Development, Gwent Police Headquarters

Chief Superintendent, Head of Service Development, Gwent Police Headquarters

Dave draws on his considerable professional experience to convey confidence and a sense of reality. He challenges appropriately and was a valuable critical friend to myself as programme director, and energised the project team, keeping them on track through complex change. He always stresses the critical nature of cultural change alongside any successful change programme.”
We were working to incredibly tight deadlines to map out new ways of working across the whole organisation to a very detailed level to enable major new technology solutions to be configured. Not only were the processes new but the concept of process mapping was a completely new concept to the vast majority of the staff from whom we needed input. With a timeframe of six weeks to go from zero to 100 plus process maps and 2000 plus detailed system requirements, we knew we needed help. Dave was not only able to mobilise fast, he was also able to quickly understand the challenge, familiarise himself with the people and develop a plan that would work for us. Engaging small groups of the front line doers in focused Ways of Working workshops (or WOWs), Dave was able to help my team make the most of every interaction and at the same time he was making sure all the products worked together end to end. The task was achieved on deadline and we even managed to squeeze in a tough quality assurance exercise at the end which enabled us to have confidence in the robustness of the work. I am genuinely doubtful that we would have been able to complete the task on time and to the level of quality required without Dave’s assistance.

Programme Mgr, Public Sector