Safeguarding shouldn’t be a headache – We help clubs and organisations to safeguard simply and effectively.

Our passion for Safeguarding developed over many years while doing a variety of work at different levels including:

We believe young people have the right to be safe and cared for and our aim is clear – to help you keep members and staff safe to enjoy all your organisation has to offer.

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Free Guides and Information

We’re offering free guides and information to help you, colleagues and volunteers know what is expected and what to do when it comes to safeguarding.

Safeguarding can feel like a maze of Do’s and Don’ts for people involved in clubs and organisations for young people. We can help you look at how safeguarding is working for you and offer advice where we think there are things that could help you improve.

Free Simple Steps to Safeguarding Guide

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Our Top 5 Tips

Keeping Children Safe & Happy in your club or organisation shouldn’t give you a headache, so we’re sharing our Top 5 Tips to help you keep your members and staff safe, so they can enjoy all your club or organisation has to offer.



Want to talk about safeguarding?

We know sometimes you just want to chat through an issue or seek reassurance without worrying about being sold something. This is why at Sagaciti we’re always happy to help.

Alternatively, you may think we can help by looking at your safeguarding and want to discuss this further.

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