Sagaciti Insight Software™

Sagaciti Insight Software™ helps focus on the important things and what to do to succeed. It brings order to everything that’s happening to let you see what’s really going on.

Insight™ helps look at what you currently do and identify what needs to be done to improve and succeed. The core modules (or ‘toolkits’) help look at and report on what is happening. The simple scoring method helps focus on key areas. It also acts as a reference tool to identify next-steps and help you succeed.

The toolkits, based on our Sagaciti Assessment Framework™, are flexible and can be used in any business sector. It also allows new modules to be added, so if it’s not already covered in the core toolkits, we can work with you to create exactly what you need.

Sagaciti Insight™ - Flexible by Nature

Try Insight for Free

Try our free self-assessment toolkit to get a quick and easy health-check on the way your business or organisation handles its processes, procedures and policies (the 3Ps!).

This toolkit will give you an introduction to the Sagaciti Assessment Framework™ and to our Insight Software™.

We know the 3Ps can be a struggle, but they can be the key to understanding what you currently do to succeed and if you need to make any changes.

We’re keen for you to try Insight™ and see what it can do. So, this toolkit is completely free, and no payment details are needed.

Please click the button to get started, select “Self-Assessment” under “Access Type” and register to get immediate access.

Full Access to Sagaciti Insight Software™

Insight™ has the tools to help bring order to everything that’s happening and lets you see what’s really going on.

By building on solid evidence, it allows you to identify what needs to be done to improve and succeed.

We believe Insight™ can and will help you succeed and let you achieve the outcomes you want. We made it flexible so you can look at anything from a single area to your whole operation. 

We’re always happy to help so if you would like to discuss how Insight™ can help your business or organisation, please contact us.

You can register for Full Access to Insight™ by following the link and we will contact you to make it live.

Insight™ - Client Testimonial

Use of the Sagaciti insight Software brings clarity and structure to the review enabling evidenced based recommendations. Excellent organisational, communication and facilitation skills allow for efficient and effective implementation of Project aims.
HG, Co-ordinator
Ballymun Local Drug and Alcohol Task Force, Dublin

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