Sagaciti Toolkit™

Sagaciti Toolkit™
Sagaciti Toolkit™

The Sagaciti Toolkit™ can be flexibly deployed across whole Organisations or specific sectors.  It's founded on our own solid assessment framework to identify what works and what doesn't, providing sound evidence to make recommendations that will work for you, help you improve, and deliver the outcomes you want.

While we provide a list of options we can offer relating to our Toolkit™, these are in no way exhaustive and we always discuss our client’s needs in order to develop a bespoke service.

The foundation we build on is our generic Sagaciti Toolkit™, which we developed for use across all organisations, departments and teams. We are able to develop bespoke toolkits for clients, such as our Sagaciti FPOC Toolkit™, which has been used within a 'First Point Of Contact'  Customer and Contact Handling service.  

To learn more about how the Sagaciti Toolkit™ can help you, please read the following overview of the Sagaciti Toolkit™ and the levels of service we can provide.  To discuss your specific needs and any issues and challenges you're facing please Contact Us. 

“Use of the ‘Diagnostic Toolkit™’ brings clarity and structure to the review enabling evidenced based recommendations. Excellent organizational, communication and facilitation skills allows for efficient and effective implementation of Project aims.”

(HG, Co-ordinator, Ballymun Local Drug
and Alcohol Task Force, Dublin)

Integrated Offender Mgmt.

FREE Self-Assessment Toolkit!

We are pleased to offer you this completely FREE tool based on our innovative Sagaciti Toolkit™*.  It will help you assess an area of your business or team and give you some understanding of the scope and quality of our framework model and Toolkit.  

It delivers a quick and easy health-check on the way your organisation, department or team handles its Processes, Procedures and Policies.  

We know from experience  it's an area many struggle with, but also that they're important in achieving the desired outcomes. 

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*The Self-Assessment requires Microsoft Excel

Level 1

Pre-Read of identified reports, ascertain client objectives,  on-site ‘evidence-based review’ (from 2-days dependant on scale), 121s, Focus Groups, visual audit, RAG (Red Amber Green) Assessment, Risk & Reputational Assessment, Hot De-brief, Full Level 1 Diagnostic – including findings, risks, recommendations, and CEO / Executive Report.

Level 2
Hypothesis Testing

Undertake Level 1 Indicative Diagnostic (if not already completed), investigation of Root Cause, develop shared understanding of evidence-base, prioritisation of key recommendations for the TO-BE (future state), Full Level 2 Diagnostic – findings, risks and recommendations, and CEO/Executive Report and presentation.

Level 3

Full application of the Diagnostic Toolkit, full diagnostic in depth interviews, 121s, Focus Groups, end-to-end review, testing of the AS-IS (current state) customer and staff experience, hypothesis testing, full L3 Diagnostic findings, risks, and recommendations, together with CEO/Executive Report and presentation.

Level 4
Licensed Product

Deployment of the Sagaciti Toolkit™ as a licensed product for use by the client either for single, multi, or enterprise use.

To learn more about how we can help you, or to discuss the issues and challenges you're facing please Contact Us, or Subscribe to Sagaciti Updates for news and information

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